Dances of Vice: A Magical Evening

Dances of Vice: Carnival of Venice Valentine Masquerade Ball was incredibly wonderful – especially playing in the Reading Room.  I played in that room for an Hour & A Half, and many people stayed throughout – some of them even watching me play through the very end.  Many of them offering compliments & thanks between songs 🙂

Throughout the set, there were two Acro performers who would come in and out, performing their entrancing movements in the center of the small enclave that had gathered to watch.  I am lucky to have had such a magical addition to my performance.

At one point during the set, a fellow came up to me & quietly mentioned that he thought he’d heard me play “She Moved Through The Fair” earlier in the night, and asked if I’d be kind enough to play it again – as it was his favorite song.  With a request like that – how could I not?!

One of my favorite things about performing is knowing that for a short moment in time, you get to lift someone out of their daily life & take them along to this magical place with you – knowing that that moment is as powerful & transformative for them as it is for you.

Last night’s event was an experience I’ll always remember fondly 😀


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