Dances of Vice: A Magical Evening

Dances of Vice: Carnival of Venice Valentine Masquerade Ball was incredibly wonderful – especially playing in the Reading Room.  I played in that room for an Hour & A Half, and many people stayed throughout – some of them even watching me play through the very end.  Many of them offering compliments & thanks between songs 🙂

Throughout the set, there were two Acro performers who would come in and out, performing their entrancing movements in the center of the small enclave that had gathered to watch.  I am lucky to have had such a magical addition to my performance. Continue reading


Seeking: House Concerts

I’ve always wanted to play house concerts …

I love the intimacy and connection of playing to a group of people in a quiet environment, and getting to share stories & music I love!  I love environments where people can tune in to what I do, and through doing so, find their own inspiration and beauty.  I also love it when people draw or write to my music – I think it’s incredible when my act of creative expression transforms into others expressing their creative world.

Would you be interested in hosting one & having some beautiful cello music in your house one evening?  If so, please send me an email at

The Importance of Rest

Lately, as I’ve been getting back into practicing, I’ve also had lots of free time (I just finished a temp job), and I’ve been taking advantage of it to really get in lots of Cello Practice – probably around 3 hrs a day. I’ve been focusing very heavily on my technical Weaknesses & attacking them as directly as possible. I’ve been really pushing myself & rebuilding muscles that I haven’t used in this way in a long time.

But each day, a lot of my playing has sounded a bit worse than the day before. Today I got to a point where not only did things not sound that great, but it’s also gotten physically uncomfortable to play. This is called the Law of Diminishing Returns. The point of this Law is that when you do things repeatedly to excess, you hit a point where your progress levels out, and after that point, your progress starts to worsen & you leave yourself more prone to injury.

Thankfully, like any other physical activity, there’s a really easy solution. Just take a day off & rest. This applies to anyone – even (especially?) if you practice/play 4-6 hrs a day, you need to give your mind & body a day to recharge every so often. It might feel like slacking, but similar to getting a full night’s sleep, it’s actually the opposite. It will help you play better overall & prevent injury!!

So today, I’m gonna take some time off & focus on Tai Chi & programming instead!

Taking A Step Back & Growing At The Same Time

For the last year & a half, I took a large step back from Cello & Playing Shows.  I had had some very toxic and damaging experiences, and I had very largely run out of energy for promoting shows & doing all the things that go along with that.  Until very recently, I haven’t really practiced in any meaningful way (besides as a quick prep for gigs) in about 2 & a Half Years.

Recently, I started working Full Time in Tech, and I knew it was time to take an even further step back.  I didn’t have the time & energy to put into the cello, and I didn’t really have the desire or motivation necessary to keep practicing.  It wasn’t really fair to the people I was working with & I increasingly felt guilty about not living up to my potential, and not giving shows the commitment they deserved.

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Akon 26/Texas 2015


I cello a lot, and I also travel a lot … and lately, I haven’t really been doing such a great job of telling people about that & sharing my experiences

So, I thought: Time to start a blog again ^_^

This weekend, I was at A-kon in Texas.  I’ve never been to Texas before (though I didn’t get to do any exploring of the city at all … so I effectively haven’t really seen Texas) … It was also my first Anime Con & that turned out to be an interesting experience.  It’s a nice contrast to Steampunk Conventions in that the Breadth of the fandom and expression, is much, much wider & it connects to a very long-standing interest of mine (Where as Steampunk has been a more recent thing).

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